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Relationships with carriers

We value your existing relationships with carriers

You can choose the carriers you like to work with and only those will be activated in your account. We are here for you if you need neutral advice on choosing carriers.

Make wise transport decisions, instantly

You can compare your existing pricelists and lead-times, request new spot prices, book the carrier you like, track your shipments, monitor goods' arrivals – all this and much more in one view. With Cargoson everyone becomes a logistics expert!
Wise decisions

Logistics data for key people

Advanced notification system keeps your purchase department, sales team and warehouse in the loop. They have a clear overview when and with whom the goods are moving. But what about your customers and suppliers? You can keep them informed as well – no matter who the carrier is, they can always check where their shipments are.

Your transport orders from your ERP to desired carrier

NAV Dynamics, iScala, SAP, Magento, Shopify – whichever system you're using, we can hook it up in no time. Don’t have your systems ready yet? No problem, we can start manually and build the integrations when you are ready.
Cargoson app

Cargoson is available as an app

All of your logistics information is now available on our mobile app. The most relevant information is sent to you via push notifications. Whenever someone replies to your price request or sends you a message - you will be the first to know. Download now.
The introduction of Cargoson meant a significant win for me, both in time and in nerve expenditure. No longer is there any need to look for transport companies to whom to send separate price inquiries. Similarly, I no longer have to surf the mailbox to find the best offer. My job is much easier than before!
Margit VirkusCoffee People
I like that all orders are automatically saved as templates, so it takes very little time to place a new order. Any proposals and changes will be promptly considered. I definitely recommend this application to everyone involved in organizing transport.
Alina Petraitis-PetelinaLux Eesti
It's simple to use, fast and compact, as all quotes come in one place, making it easy to make choices. All recommendations for improving the environment and the ordering process have been taken into account and put into action immediately.
Diana KübardCordeline

All shipment orders through a single window