E‑environments of different carriers in one window

All price inquiries, price lists and freight orders in one software.

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One access-point to different carriers

An IT solution that makes freight management simple and transparent while maintaining the existing cooperation agreements with all of your carriers.

Simple and organised

With all the information in one place, our handy shipment form helps you to save time and avoid e-mail ping-pong. Personal and Google-based address book reduces typing and errors. Order transport with just a few clicks by using a previous shipment as a template. Type in your shipment once and get a quote from several carriers.
Save time

Compare to choose the best offer

You can upload your personal pricelists and have your freight cost calculated automatically. Compare all offers side by side and book the most suitable carrier. Not happy with the price? You can ask for a one-time quote, with just one click. Just want to order? You can do that, too.


All shipments are in one place and visible to everybody in your team, making cross-referencing and reporting easy. Shipments can be filtered by date range and are easily searchable.

Mobile friendly

Would you like to keep an eye on your shipments from a phone or tablet? Our mobile-friendly design makes this simple.
The introduction of Cargoson meant a significant win for me, both in time and in nerve expenditure. No longer is there any need to look for transport companies to whom to send separate price inquiries. Similarly, I no longer have to surf the mailbox to find the best offer. My job is much easier than before!
Margit VirkusCoffee People
I like that all orders are automatically saved as templates, so it takes very little time to place a new order. Any proposals and changes will be promptly considered. I definitely recommend this application to everyone involved in organizing transport.
Alina Petraitis-PetelinaLux Eesti
It's simple to use, fast and compact, as all quotes come in one place, making it easy to make choices. All recommendations for improving the environment and the ordering process have been taken into account and put into action immediately.
Diana KübardCordeline

All shipment orders through a single window