Bolt's mission is to offer convenient alternatives to owning a car through car rental, taxi service, food delivery, electric bicycle and electric scooter rental service. Helen Erg, Bolt's logistics manager, describes how Cargoson has helped the company manage pan-European logistics for electric scooters.

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Why did you decide to use Cargoson?
We had previously managed all our transport partners and booked shipments through e-mails or their e-environments, but due to the rapid growth of the company, it was very difficult to keep track of what was going on and the number of e-mails became overwhelming. We were looking for software or a system that would give a clear overview of all shipments in one place.

How often do you use Cargoson and has it changed communication with your transport partners?
We use Cargoson as an everyday tool. In the morning, when the working day begins, I open Cargoson in one of the windows, and when the working day ends, I close it. Before Cargoson we had to communicate with our transport partners one by one and logistics management became too complex to handle, so we did not always send inquiries to relevant potential carriers. As the request can now be sent at the touch of a button, we involve a wider range of partners. Although I was initially afraid that the partners would not be willing to adapt with the new way of working, but is was unnecessary fear as there has been no problems with it and all our carriers have come along with it. 

What value does Cargoson offer you?
The most important thing for us is that all shipments, regardless of the country of origin or destination, are in one place and easy to manage. The added bonus is the statistical side - we can extract data about our transport volumes and with which transport partners we cooperate. This is a valuable input in price negotiations. As we have many warehouses all over Europe, it is important for us that all the people in the different warehouses can add their own transport needs information directly to the system. I can take over this information very easily and focus on the transport organization side, as the entry work has been done by the local team. It is safe to say that Cargoson has taken our pan-European logistics management to a new level.

How has the solution met your expectations?
Very well! And all the surprises have been positive. The demo we were once made was very good - specific, well prepared and focused on the needs of our company. All developments that have been promised have also been implemented and completed. Cargoson can be confidently recommended for both large and small companies that want to better manage their daily operational logistics.

 Answer to your question: Yes, Cargoson is also right for your business