Mihkel Hang, CEO of Linas Agro, the largest grain exporter and seller of agricultural inputs in the Baltics, shares how Cargoson has simplified their company's work.

Who uses Cargoson in your company, and how often?
For logistics managers, Cargoson is the main work tool throughout the day, but in fact all colleagues can access the solution. For example, accountants also log in to Cargoson to check whether the waybills have been uploaded, whether something is missing, whether an invoice can be issued. Product managers and salespeople can quickly get an overview of customer shipments.

What features are most important to you?
In short, everything related to the order and the so-called daily work tasks around logistics. It is very convenient that all information exchange goes directly from Cargoson to the transport partners. The life of our accountants has become significantly easier, as they no longer have to chase invoices around the house, but can get them all electronically and conveniently from one place. The flexibility of the Cargoson team in finding solutions to possible problems has also been positive: for example, we had the need to manually change the automatically generated CMR data, and although there was no such option initially, it was created for us, and we often use the option to manually change the data in communication with Latvian and Lithuanian partners. The app solution is also very convenient, I can log in either from the online portal or my phone.

How has Cargoson changed communication with transport partners?
There are fewer calls, although sometimes we still prefer to call ourselves. It is very convenient to communicate with carriers - through Cargoson, they can send messages directly, see all the information related to the order and, if necessary, can change everything, starting with dates and ending with car registration plates. Everything is convenient and safe, we can be sure that important information will not be lost and that every step or activity will be logged to our software account. 

Why should you consider using Cargoson?
In addition to convenience and saving time, it was also helpful for us in the beginning that we got the contacts of all possible carriers from the Cargoson database. Since initially we did not have a separate logistician in the team, Cargoson was an indispensable helper when starting work and organising transport. Today, the use of Cargoson is a prerequisite for our selection of cooperation partners. We are very satisfied with both the solution itself and the handling by Cargoson - fast, professional and always available.

Answer to your question: Yes, Cargoson is also right for your business