Incoterm calculator (+ free PDF download)

This is a free tool to quickly find the incoterm you need.

Just select the terms you need. The tool will auto-select other terms that need to be checked.

"Seller" and "Buyer" specify which party will cover the costs and risks associated with the task.

The most common incoterms are:

  • DAP (seller covers most costs and risks);
  • EXW and FCA (buyer covers most costs and risks).

Transport type


Loading in origin:
Customs declaration:
Carriage to origin port:
Unloading in origin port:
Origin port loading charges:
Carriage to destination port:
Unloading charges in destination port:
Loading in destination port:
Carriage to destination:
Import customs clearance:
Import taxes:
Your possible incoterms

Incoterms — how to choose?

A transport management software (TMS) can pre-select a suitable Incoterm automatically for each shipment.

The Incoterm will be copied from the old shipment when you create new shipments based on previous ones.