Free Shipping Label Generator

Create custom packing slips using a professional shipping label template

Looking for custom shipping labels? Cargoson's got you covered with our free Shipping Label Generator, perfect for occasional shipping needs.

Just fill in the origin and destination addresses, print it on an A6/4x6 inch/10x15cm paper and stick it to your parcel or pallet.

The Cargoson shipping label template gets you clean, consistent shipping labels every time. It's designed with a professional layout that includes all the details you need.

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A shipping label is a crucial component of the delivery process that helps carriers accurately and efficiently deliver packages to their intended recipients. It typically contains key information such as the sender and recipient's contact details, weight of the package, tracking number along with the barcode, and shipping date.

Consistent labeling is essential for effective tracking, and the standard size for a shipping label is typically 4 x 6 inches. By providing all the necessary information, a shipping label helps carriers avoid errors and delays, ultimately ensuring timely and successful delivery.

The most common standard size of a shipping label is 4x6 inches (10x15 cm), but other sizes such as 6x3 inches (15x7 cm) or 4x4 inches (10x10 cm) are also widely used.

The labels are usually printed using a special label printer, but a regular paper can also be used with a regular laser or inkjet printer as long as the label stays its original size. A regular paper can fit 4 regular-sized (4x6 inches) labels on it.

It is important to adhere to the standard size and print the labels in good quality to ensure that the barcode scanners have no problem scanning the barcode.

Yes, you can print a shipping label on regular paper and tape it to your parcel or pallet.

To print a shipping label, open the online shipping label template, fill in the required information about the package, click print, and select the regular paper option. Make sure you have a sheet of paper loaded in your printer. After printing the shipping label, cut it out carefully and place it squarely onto a clear tape. Tape it firmly onto your parcel or pallet. This way, the shipping label will remain attached throughout the entire delivery process.

The shipping label generator is a user-friendly tool that simplifies the shipping process for individuals and businesses alike. To use this tool effectively, all you need to do is enter the relevant details required for the carrier and the receiver, such as the sender's information, the destination address, shipping date, package weight, and tracking number (if any). You do not have to fill in all fields, just the ones you need.

Once all necessary information is entered, the tool will generate an professional-looking shipping label in the standard size, ready for printing. It will also render a barcode from the provided tracking or package number.

The shipping label generator tool uses a standard layout and label format, ensuring that your shipping labels look professional and consistent.

While our free shipping label generator can be a handy tool for occasional use, if you find yourself regularly creating shipping labels across multiple carrier companies, it may not be the most efficient solution.

Each carrier's website may have its own label generation process, leading to inconsistent looking labels, different formats and sizes, and requiring you to navigate different systems. Similarly, receiving labels via email can become cumbersome, especially when dealing with a high volume of shipments.

In these scenarios, employing a comprehensive multi-carrier transportation management software is an ideal solution. This not only allows you to consistently generate packing slips and shipping labels using a uniform process, regardless of the carrier used, but also provides additional functionalities to streamline your logistics processes.

For example, such a system automatically sends shipping labels and shipment notifications to relevant parties. This seamless integration ultimately enhances operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall control over your logistics operations.

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