VBH is a wholesaler and expert brand of accessories for window, door and furniture production. Merly Sepri-Eha, head of VBH Estonia's supply chain unit, explains how Cargoson meets their high expectations in managing and streamlining logistics processes.

Last September, VBH Estonia started using Cargoson's transportation management software (TMS). Cargoson allows you to automate and manage the entire logistics of your company's cargo flows in one system. For VBH, the most important keywords in choosing Cargoson were primarily transparent transport information, quick and easy comparison of freight prices and transit times, and convenient management of freight price lists. The mentioned keywords created quite high expectations when starting to implement Cargoson. Today, it is a pleasure to state that Cargoson fully meets these expectations. This is not only because of better freight prices, user-friendliness, the functionality of the software, and thus the working time won, but also because of the comprehensive technical support of the Cargoson team, which made the cooperation work in the best possible way.

Information and transparency

Keyword - transparent transport information. All freight transport flow information is in one environment. Transport inquiries and orders are in one place, visible to all employees related to the company's logistics processes. The information exchange of ordered transports and transport requests between the company's logisticians and transport partners goes through TMS and can be monitored by each transport order. The implementation of automatic notifications allows you to receive notifications about the status of your shipments and if there are delays in the planned arrivals or cargo pickups.

Prices, delivery times and transport procurement

Quick and easy comparison of prices and transit times - the size of the transport cost is one of the most important and often the largest additional costs when pricing the product to be sold. This directly affects both the customer's "wallet" and the seller's profit margin, so finding a balance between a suitable transport cost and a high-quality transport service is one of the daily tricks of freight transport management. With the support of Cargoson TMS, it is possible to find this balance point by comparing the best price and the most suitable transit times. An important added value is that Cargoson does the calculation of the fuel surcharge coefficient (BAF), which regulates the fluctuation of fuel prices and changes every week, for the user.

Price negotiations for transport procurements. The transport tender template prepared by Cargoson allows you to easily and conveniently display important information for negotiations to transport partners. Tender agreed prices can be quickly and easily uploaded into our Cargoson TMS account or get prices via API connection from carriers' databases if applicable. To reach good agreements during price negotiations, it is also important to have versatile transport statistics based on directions and volumes in Cargoson, which can be used to make forecasts for further cooperation.

Measuring the footprint of VBH transports

Calculation of freight transport CO2 emissions - minimizing the impact of climate change is the responsibility of all of us. In addition to a personal contribution, it is possible to prefer transport partners at the company level who have taken responsibility for minimizing emissions and ensuring environmental protection. Cargoson displays each carrier's CO2 and footprint size based on tspohe transport order. Data exchange with global, regional or local carriers - Cargoson's user base currently includes 900+ transport companies, from which to choose the best partners that meet the transport needs of each company.

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