The Cargoson Loading Calendar module is a smart touch-screen dashboard to effectively organize warehouse loadings. A digitalized way for a shipper's warehouse to effectively organize and handle dock scheduling workload. Custom modified calendar enables shippers to have a single-point live overview of warehouse work, book loading times for carriers, and get relevant reports.
The warehouse employee view allows workers to have a simple and clear overview of their workload - which trucks are coming, and which goods are scheduled to be unloaded or loaded (info about suppliers, clients, trucks, goods, loading plans, references, etc.)

Dock scheduling software
Dock scheduling software

Loading Calendar features

  • Schedule Management - The Loading Calendar is more than just a calendar. It is a comprehensive scheduling system that keeps track of every truck, every loading or unloading operation, and every important detail about your clients and goods. Manage your loading times, track trucks, and get important notifications - all in real time.

  • User Roles - Customize user roles to fit your team's needs. You can create profiles for different roles such as administrators, team members, and warehouse workers, each with distinct access and permissions. This enables you to maintain control and security while improving workflow efficiency.

  • Third-Party & Carrier Access - Third-party and carrier access feature ensures that everyone involved in the supply chain is kept in the loop. This facilitates easy coordination and communication, ensuring everyone is aware of their schedules, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Overview of Loadings - Have a complete, up-to-the-minute overview of all loadings and unloading operations. This includes detailed information about suppliers, clients, trucks, goods, loading plans, references, and more.

  • Smart Touch-Screen Support - The Loading Calendar is fully compatible with touch-screen devices, making it easier than ever to manage your schedule with just a swipe of your finger. Use it on your tablets, smartphones, or smart boards for maximum convenience.

  • Log Entries - Keep a detailed record of all daily activities with the new Log Entries feature. This capability lets you track and automatically logs every action taken within the Loading Calendar during current date. Monitor who did what and when, giving you an invaluable oversight and an enhanced level of control over your operations. The log entries can be accessed and reviewed at any time, which makes it an indispensable tool for audits, investigations, and process improvements.

  • Document & Picture Upload - To ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips, the Loading Calendar now supports the upload of documents and pictures to individual loadings. You can attach shipping documents, invoices, loading schemes, product images, or any other important files directly to their respective loadings. This not only helps to keep everything organized but also makes it quick and easy to retrieve essential data when needed.

  • Integration with Cargoson - And, of course, the Loading Calendar is fully integrated with the Cargoson platform. This means all your cargo and scheduling information (including milestones) is interconnected, ensuring you have the most accurate and updated data at your fingertips.