Ivari Koppel, a member of the management board of Estonian leading manufacturer Chemi-Pharm AS, explains how Cargoson's IT solution helped to simplify their logistics, in a situation where the company's volumes grew at an unprecedented rate.

Chemi-Pharm AS

Founded in 1997, AS Chemi-Pharm develops, manufactures and markets disinfectants, personal care products, cleaning and special care products and the D'DIFFERENCE series of luxury cosmetics.
AS Chemi-Pharm has subsidiaries in Latvia and Singapore, but production is concentrated in Estonia and the company's head office is also located here. AS Chemi-Pharm's product list includes more than a hundred different disinfection, cleaning and maintenance products, which are divided into six main product groups: detergents, hand and skin anesthetics, skin care products, products for washing and disinfecting surfaces, products for washing and disinfecting instruments and cosmetics.

At a time when our company and production volumes have grown rapidly, Cargoson helped to bring all transport management into on dashboard. We have 4-5 different transport partners and they all had their own e-ordering systems, now everything happens for us from one place. This works for all employees in company who order or needs to be informed about transportation flow.
   It is also very practical if data and statistics for all shipments are available from the same software. We decided to start using Cargoson already in April 2020, because this platform seemed innovative and more customer-centric compared to the solutions offered by transport companies. As all logistics and transport companies have developed their own ordering e-environments, Cargoson's people thought about it, took it a step further and made life even easier for the owner of the goods. We are very satisfied! And this is also because in the recent past there have been situations where it is necessary to find a transport partner to destinations where we have not sent goods before, and instead of searching different carriers ourselves, we quickly found a solution for these transports through Cargoson.

Logistics management has become easier.

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