Fleet Complete TMS shipping integration

Transport module for connecting your software with Fleet Complete.

Calculate prices, ETD, ETA, CO2; create shipments, shipping labels, tracking links and branded notifications automatically.

Fleet Complete

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Carrier Collection CO₂e Price
Schenker logo 23.07.24
31 kg
65 € Pricelist
DHL logo 22.07.24
242 kg
87 € Pricelist
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220 kg
86 € Pricelist
DSV logo 23.07.24
31 kg
61 € Online
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36 kg Compen­sating
89 € Online


Cargoson lets you send info between your transportation management software and Fleet Complete automatically — no code required.

Using a TMS is the first step to optimizing your transport and logistics. It allows you to save time, money and CO2 emissions by having all of your carriers on one dashboard.

If your company or partner is using Fleet Complete, you can take it a step further: skip the manual steps and automate the shipping process.

What you can automate


  • Use the sales/purchase orders data in your ERP/online store/WMS or other software to automatically create shipments in Cargoson
  • Display all available shipping options for a given order and let your users choose
  • Get a list of parcel lockers from different carriers
  • Communicate shipping needs between colleagues
  • Hand over the responsibility of comparing and choosing a transport option from third party users or purchase/sales managers to a logistician


  • Calculate the transport price automatically from your price lists and forward it to your or your partner's Fleet Complete software
  • Request spot prices from your carriers
  • Find the estimated lead times for transport or request estimations from carriers
  • Find the estimated transport CO2 emissions for each transport option
  • Compare carriers and different transport options for each shipment in Cargoson or directly in Fleet Complete
  • Place a transport order to a carrier of your choice, directly into their Fleet Complete software
  • Set up predefined rules to automate transport booking and let the software choose the carrier automatically


Shipping label on a pallet - Cargoson
  • Send branded email transport notifications to your customers, colleagues and partners (labels, ETA, modifications, cancellations, licence plate numbers, documents etc)
  • Generate shipping labels directly from Fleet Complete, get them in your TMS, business software or other system, and send them to relevant parties
  • Generate Fleet Complete tracking links and receive them back to your TMS, business software or other system, and automatically update shipment statuses based on information saved in Fleet Complete
  • Get daily reports about delayed shipments in your email inbox
  • Generate transport statistics and reports across all your carriers
  • Compare transport invoices with pre-calculated or pre-agreed amounts

Fleet Complete TMS integration features

Fleet Complete's abundant features are based on your company's fleet management enabled by GPS tracking.

It's often used by manufacturers and wholesalers with their own fleet, and transport service providers to manage their daily transport tasks.

Transport orders -> Fleet Complete tasks

Transport information from your business software or online store to the driver's phone in a few seconds.

Fleet Complete tasks are transport orders which can be assigned to a delivery vehicle.

They can be created manually, but using the Cargoson + Fleet Complete integration, can be automated.

Your own fleet can be added to Cargoson just like any other carrier, and integrated with Fleet Complete.

Just create a shipment in Cargoson and send it to your own fleet operator. The transport task in Fleet Complete will be created automatically.

Fleet Complete Cargoson Transport Task

Automate creating Fleet Complete tasks even further by integrating your ERP

If you're using an ERP or other type of software where the input of your transport needs is initially created, you can automate the creation of Fleet Complete tasks even further.

Use the shipment data in your business software to automatically create shipments in Cargoson.

You can even display all available shipping options directly in your integrated system without logging in to Cargoson, and let your users choose between third party transport service providers and your own fleet.

This way, you save even more time and avoid potential errors related to manual data entry.

Take a look at our integrated systems and see if we've already built an integration for your software. If not, just contact us to request a new integration with your software.

Live shipment tracking

After transport tasks are assigned to a vehicle in Fleet Complete, its location will always be known in real time.

The integration was built to leverage this information.

To save time, your shipments' tracking milestones are updated automatically and in real time, based on the task status and vehicle location in Fleet Complete. You can see the status directly on your dashboard without opening the shipment or the tracking link, or it can be requested via the Cargoson API.

Fleet Complete Cargoson Tracking Milestones


The Fleet Complete + Cargoson integration works with all Cargoson plans starting from Industry.

View detailed features and pricing plans


from 299€ / mo

For wholesale and manufacturing


from 499€ / mo

For large corporations


Ask for price

We'll set up a custom solution for you

Start using Fleet Complete with your transport management system

Your time is valuable

If you use multiple carriers, we believe that using one system to work with all of them is the most efficient use of your time and resources.

Skip the manual work

Your contacts, orders and shipment data already exists in your ERP/WMS/eCommerce software. Are you copy-pasting them to the Fleet Complete system?

Instead, make use of it: integrate your system with Cargoson and your data will be exchanged with the Fleet Complete system automatically! This will also avoid human errors.

Pick and choose which carriers you like

The carriers you want to use is your decision, not our business.

Cargoson is not a middleman or a forwarder, but your transportation management software.

Our carrier database is extensive, but you can add missing carriers by simply contacting Cargoson support.

All your carriers connected to Fleet Complete

  • All your transport bookings could be placed the same way.
  • Data is exchanged with Fleet Complete Fleet Management Software software automatically.
  • Simple API: One integration from your business software will cover all your present and future carrier integrations.
  • Requesting a new carrier integration, in case we haven't built it yet, is free for all customers.
  • Track all of your shipments on one dashboard.
  • Adding, removing or switching carriers is quick and easy.

Branded notifications

All transport-related notifications to your partners, customers and coworkers are branded and look the same, regardless of the carrier you're using.

How to start shipping directly from Fleet Complete

Get a demo to see how you can add the shipping module to your software and integrate Fleet Complete. Then, select your carriers, upload your prices and other agreements with your carriers, invite your users and start shipping right away. See also: Configuring my carriers, price lists and users in Cargoson.

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