Functionality that enables to place transport bookings for you - automatically.

What is Transport AI - automated carrier selection?

Automated carrier selection is a feature of a Transport Management System (TMS) that helps shippers and logistics managers choose the most appropriate carriers for their shipments based on a variety of factors, such as cost, transit time, CO2 emissions and directions. This process improves efficiency, reduces costs, and optimizes the overall supply chain.

Use case

Hassle-free freight booking. When you want to take your logistics processes to the next automation level and delegate your transport decisions to technology. 

How Transport AI - automated carrier selection works?

You describe input for the Transport AI module by setting up criteria (directions, services, price, transit time).  When the module is enabled in Cargoson account, then clicking "Book" button in your integrated ERP system will activate Transport AI. It will take into account your set-up criteria and starts to make bookings based on that. Carrier labels and tracking link will be generated already in your ERP system.

The module currently works only via Cargoson open API integration. System configurable Transport AI module coming soon. Stay tuned 😉