Your company's parcels can now be booked from your Cargoson account to Omniva, Itella and DPD parcel machines.

Managing your company's transport B2B or B2C logistics just got easier and even more convenient.
Namely, in Cargoson's shipping software it's now possible to book your company's parcels to your customer directly to the parcel machine.
Integrations with Omniva, Itella and DPD parcel machine networks across Europe.

Choice of courier or parcel machine?
It has never been easier to compare which transport solution is more convenient, faster or optimal for your company or your customer.

At Cargoson, it is easy and convenient to compare which solution is best for you in one window.
Is it courier service, road, air transport or maybe it's parcel machine instead!

How can I book my packages to parcel machines via Cargoson? 
If Omniva, Itella or DPD is set up in your company's account as a transport partner, then the procedure at Cargoson is just as simple as ordering courier, road, sea or air transport today.

You enter the shipment details and in the case of a carton smaller than 35 kg, Cargoson will show you the price of the parcel machine closest to your customer's address and, if there are agreed price lists, then the freight price of the corresponding service (DPD also has an online price).
If suitable, you can book the selected parcel machine service and print out the labels for the parcel. Depending on the selected service you can drop off the parcel into the parcel machine yourself or request courier to pick it up from your company address (depending on the selected service).
Your customer will get all necessary shipment notifications and access to the parcel machine when goods are delivered to selected parcel machine.

  1. Insert shipment info
  2. Compare and order
  3. Print shipping labels
  4. Track & trace

These shipping partners haven't yet been set-up in your Company account?