Instruct your supplier to make bookings from your Cargoson account and have a full overview of all your different orders from your software.
Did you know that in Cargoson your supplier can place transport orders on your behalf. There is a new Third Party role available when creating a user which allows you to give access and authority to your supplier to create bookings, get labels, CMRs and track their related shipments from their Cargoson view.
How it works
When creating a user with the Third Party role, your supplier will get an account activation e-mail and will gain access to their Cargoson account where only his/her shipments are shown. They can insert shipment data and order transport from the pre-selected list of your carriers. A Third Party user cannot see your other shipments, prices or transit times. Yet they can place a transportation order to your carrier and from your company account so that the carrier will get the order into their system under your company name.
There are two common practices:
  • Supplier will just add new shipment information and you will make the transport decision yourself.
  • Supplier will insert shipment info and will also book the transport based on your agreement with the supplier.

Benefits of third party ordering
  • All freight info in same place (outbound, inbound, domestic)
  • Operational info change
  • Your controlled carriers