You are in control of the carriers and forwarders you want to work with, and which colleagues should have access to Cargoson in your company.
Adding carriers, price lists and users is easy.

Configuring my carriers in Cargoson

Most companies use transport services from their well-established and long-time transport partners.
Whether it's a courier or parcel delivery, by road, sea or air - you can add all your current and future carriers to Cargoson's transport management software.
How to do it?

  1. Open the dropdown menu by clicking on your account name (top right) and select the "My Carriers" menu.
  2. View the currently activated carriers in your account.
  3. Add new transport partners by clicking the "Add carrier" button

Note "Can be integrated" - For carriers that have their own e-environments. They can be easily linked to your Cargoson software account to send transport orders directly to your transport partner's system.
To do this, ask your carrier for API / EDI credentials for Cargoson software. When getting relevant credentials-s, you can enter them in the INTEGRATION section under the selected carrier by clicking on the "Add or edit credentials" button.
Note "E-mail integration" - The carrier prefers transport orders by e-mail or its e-environment does not yet have the ability to receive orders via EDI.

Adding price lists

If you have permanent agreements and price lists with some or all transport partners, these price lists can be uploaded to Cargoson software (PS! It does not matter in which format the price list you have: excel, word, pdf, e-mail, etc. - everything is suitable).
Once the price lists have been uploaded, the corresponding transport rates will be displayed correctly after the new shipment has been entered.
In general, a price list is a mandatory practice for all couriers. However, for many road hauliers, an agreed fixed price list is the preferred form of cooperation as well.

  1. From the list of your carriers, click on the transport partner whose price list you want to upload.
  2. Click the "Add a new price list" button and add the corresponding price list.
  3. Click the "Save" button

As soon as your price list has been uploaded into the system, it will appear when you enter the shipment and you will see a summary of the price list in the "Active pricelists" section.

Adding users to my company

Logistics and transport are usually handled by several people and departments in the company - warehouse, logistics, sales, purchasing, accounting, etc.
Add colleagues to your company's Cargoson software:

  1. Select the "Users" menu from your company name (dropdown menu from the top right).
  2. Click the "Invite a new user to Your Company" button
  3. Enter the colleague's name, e-mail and phone number and click "Save"

Your colleague will then receive an account activation email, and selecting a password will activate their account and access the company's software account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose which carriers are in my software account? YES, you choose and determine which carriers are available in your account.
If I have an agreed price list, can I upload it to my software account? YES, you can upload price lists and Cargoson will set them up for your account.
How do I see which price lists I've already uploaded to my account? You select the appropriate transport partner from the "My carriers" menu and an overview of price lists opens in the "Active Price lists" section.
Can I add users to my company's account? YES, select the "Users" menu and add users to your company's account.

Need help adding carriers, price lists or users? We are here for you: