Why has Cargoson reached where any other freight management software hasn't yet and how is it possible with so little time? 
What does it mean — freight management software? Which benefits does it bring to your company's logistics? And, where in the world has Cargoson reached then?

In order to explain all that we should start from the beginning.
When Cargoson was little he had a dream......aaagh f**k all that.  Who reads these stories anyway!?

Here are the TOP 10 reasons why Cargoson is THE best freight management tool out there in 2021

  1. Overview of all your company's shipments and users on one dashboard.

  2. Quick & simple price list analyses with easy comparison.

  3. Ask a straightforward freight quote from carrier(s) of your own choice.

  4. Transport orders for your carriers with a single click.

  5. Integrations with biggest global logistics companies as well as local small ones.

  6. Simple and simultaneous multi-carrier label and CMR printing.

  7. Customizable notification system to automate communication with your suppliers, carriers and customers.

  8. Single point overview of different carriers' shipment tracking.

  9. Shipment based history and your company's logistics reporting.

  10. Integrations with various business softwares and/or online store platforms.

    .....and still much more

How did we do it? Which integrations does Cargoson have? Who are the masterminds behind it? What experience do these people have?

That's us

If you want to know more Google it yourself... otherwise