If your company has its own car fleet, you use certain transport partners or you are a provider of transport services, then here is something innovative just for you.


If you have the goods and your own trucks or you are using dedicated carriers, the combination Cargoson + Fleet Complete allows you to send transport information from your business software or e-shop to the driver's phone in a few seconds. This means that the data already entered does not have to be re-entered by anyone and the information is transmitted to the parties electronically.


You offer the service transport services, you have your own fleet, your own customer and you receive transport orders via e-mail. The Cargoson + Fleet Complete combination allows you to manage trucks and transport orders, instruct your drivers and keep your customers up to date with the latest technology available.

The combination of Cargoson and Fleet Complete makes cargo handling easy - how?

Manufacturer or wholesaler:
  • Transport information electronically from your business software or E-shop to truck driver's phone in seconds
  • An overview of the progress and status of your shipments from one window
  • Automatic personal notifications to customers and suppliers

  • Registration and management of transport orders
  • Transport tasks automatically to the transport planning desktop
  • Transport planning and work orders for drivers
  • Fleet management
  • Truck GPS tracking on the online map

  • Manage transport tasks from a smart device
  • Notification of status from smart device (begin task, finish task)
  • Automatic navigation to destination (Waze, Google Maps)
  • Photo of delivery or signed CMR

Interested in Cargoson + Fleet Complete?