Jüri Zoova, a member of the management board of Evelekt AS, talks about how their company came to use Cargoson and what benefits the solution has brought to them.

Evelekt AS
Evelekt AS is a leading importer of furniture and interior decoration products in the Baltic region based on Estonian capital, with its own store network and e-commerce. Today, a sales network covering the entire Baltics has been developed and there are also resellers in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Finland.
The goal of Evelekt AS is to enrich the market of furniture and interior decoration goods and offer new, exciting and unique furniture collections. The products marketed by Evelekt are concentrated under three main brands: Home4you, Garden4you and Office4you.

Why did you decide to try Cargoson?
We were one of the first users and the idea seemed very interesting. I had previously thought that there could be a tool that would bring transport providers together, but we had not come across such a solution - it was just the specific environments of the specific carriers that we used. It seemed that Cargoson could make our work more efficient, there was no risk testing, and so we decided to test.

Who in your company works with the solution, and was it easy to convince employees to try something new?
The main user is an employee who organizes the daily work process of the warehouse, issues warehouse work orders and organizes transport. Because we have quite a number of transport partners, each with their own environment, it used to take a lot of time to move between different environments - something that no longer needs to be done today, as Cargoson has brought all providers together in one software. Initially, there was still skepticism in introducing the new solution, which is understandable, because with each new approach, there is a fear that instead of making life easier, the solution may make life more complicated. Today, former skeptics have become supporters of the solution, having experienced first-hand how it facilitates their work.

As a business leader, what do you consider to be the biggest win with Cargoson?
In addition to saving time, three other aspects are very important to us:
  • First of all, Cargoson makes it easier to replace employees - if in the past important information was distributed in different environments and e-mail boxes and it was difficult to communicate it compactly, eg if an employee fell ill, went on holiday or a new employee easier to live in.
  • Secondly, Cargoson allows us to make important statistics for the company - we get information about, for example, the number of shipments, volume, weight, number of partners and costs, which we previously had to look for in different places.
  • Thirdly, I would like to point out the financial savings, which, of course, come from time savings. I think we have saved about one job with the introduction of Cargoson. Our work is very seasonal, and especially during the season there was pressure to hire a new employee, which, thanks to Cargoson, was not necessary.

Which companies would you recommend Cargoson to?
Cargoson is definitely suitable for e-commerce-oriented companies and is helpful for those who have a lot of logistics and transportation, the number of transactions is large. Manufacturing companies with a large number of orders, but in fact all companies with more than one transport partner, could simplify their work processes with the help of Cargoson. Personal communication on the part of the Cargoson and the fact that a solution to our concerns has always been found quickly, have also been important for us.

Answer to your question: Yes, Cargoson is also suitable for your business.