In a small company with several different roles per employee, efficiency is particularly important. Margit Virkus, sales secretary of Coffee People OÜ, shares how Cargoson has simplified her work.

Coffee People OÜ
Would you believe that the best coffee in the world is made in Estonia? This is indeed the case – the Coffee People roastery near Tallinn is dedicated to finding the highest-quality coffee beans on the planet in order to make them even better by roasting them and making them available to everyone. They sell coffee and espresso machines for homes and offices, train baristas and promote the consumption of high-quality specialty coffee.

What are your responsibilities at Coffee People and how often do you need to arrange different deliveries?
I am in the role of a sales assistant, which means that I have a lot of different tasks, including arranging the transport of our products. This is only a small part of my job and the number of shipments we can vary - sometimes there are four shipments a week, sometimes none. Although there are not many shipments, it would take some time to find suitable carriers without Cargoson, as each time one would have to look for the best solution separately and manually. Now that all my carriers are in one place, I save about 30 minutes on each shipment, which would otherwise take time to find a suitable partner, make inquiries, wait and correspondence.

Why did you start using Cargoson and did the solution meet your expectations?
The solution has fully met our expectations and we have been using Cargoson for about a year now. As a small company with no core business, our needs have not been great, but the main concern, which was the unreasonable time spent finding different carriers, has been addressed by Cargoson. In the past, when it came to bringing goods or taking them somewhere, I had to google and look for different carriers one by one, and it was quite time consuming. Now all the information is in one place. It is also positive that if someone takes over my work, it would be easy to explain how to use Cargoson and would not have to look for partners' email addresses somewhere - every time I place an order through Cargoson, contacts and other important information remain in the system and are easy to find. 

Has the use of Cargoson changed your choices about transport partners and how?
If in the past we mainly used the services of one company, now the picture is a bit varied and we use the services of three or four carriers. We can choose cheaper and more flexible partners - in addition to price, speed is an important criterion for us, and Cargoson allows us to conveniently compare different variants and offers and find the best solution every time.

Which companies would you recommend Cargoson to?
Definitely for small businesses like Coffee People that don't have many or large shipments. It seems to me that the time savings that Cargoson offers are particularly important for small businesses, where there are often no separate people at work who are only involved in transport management.

Answer to your question: Yes, Cargoson is also suitable for your business.