If you are a carrier and your customer is using Cargoson as their freight management software, it is now even easier for you to manage your customers.

Adding a personal price list to the customer

As a carrier, you can add a personal price list with delivery times valid only for this customer from your Cargoson account. When adding the price list, a transport offer is automatically created on the customer's Cargoson dahsboard for the respective direction and quantity, thus simplifying the customer's ordering process and increasing efficiency.
Price lists can be added from the carrier's account in a format that suits you  (Excel, word, pdf, e-mail, etc. - everything is suitable).
However, the preferred format is Excel, and of course you can also use the Cargoson price list template, which is included here:


How to add price list:

  1. In the menu "My customers" , select the customer whose price list you want to upload. Clicking opens additional options.
  2. Click the "Add a new price list" button and add the corresponding price list.
  3. Click the "Save" button.

As soon as your price list has been uploaded to the system, you will see a summary of the price list in the "Active price lists" section.

Integrating the customer with the e-environment of my transport company

If you have an e-environment for your customers and want your transport orders directly into your system without anyone having to do manual work, it's doable.  Most freight company integrations are already built by Cargoson, and it work as plug'n'play, you only need to enter API / EDI credentials to Cargoson interface.  A few clicks to connect the customer's Cargoson software account to your transport company e-environment.

How to add API credentials:

  1. In the menu "My customers", select the client whose API ID you want to add. Clicking opens additional options.
  2. Click the "Add or edit credentials" button and add the required properties.
  3. Click the "Save" button.

It's that simple! Your e-environment is now integrated with this client's software account.

If your Cargoson account does not have an "Add or edit credentials" button, but your transport company has its own customer e-environment, then there is no need to worry. Submit your e-environment API documentation to support@cargoson.com and we will develop and integrate it. You ask, what does it cost you? A legitimate question, but the answer is nothing, it is simply our job.

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