Why Choose Cargoson TMS?
With Cargoson Transport Management Software for Businesses, you can manage all your carriers in one place. Easily compare prices, check delivery options, request one-time offers, and track shipments. No more logging into multiple carrier sites or endless email exchanges. Cargoson is not a carrier, expeditor or freight marketplace. It's a software tool designed to help you manage and control your transport orders, without changing your existing carrier or freight forwarder relationships.

  1. Unified Transport Order Management: Cargoson is the perfect tool for managing all your transport orders, ensuring that all your existing carrier relations remain intact.
  2. Pricelist Upload & Comparison: Easily upload your tender results and compare prices across shipments & carriers. ⚖️
  3. Carrier integrations:  We have direct EDI/API connections with major carriers, ensuring seamless bookings and real-time tracking. If a carrier you work with isn't there yet, we'll gladly set them up for you. 🔗
  4. Label Generation, Document management, Tracking & Communication: Manage all aspects of your shipments in one place.
  5. CO2 Emission Calculation: Our latest feature calculates the estimated CO2 emission for each carrier and mode of transport before you make a transport decision, making your company's CO2 emissions reporting effortless. 🌳
  6. Automated Freight Bookings: Automate your bookings directly with your chosen carriers based on pre-defined criteria.
  7. Loading Calendar: Utilize our live warehouse dashboard to efficiently organize loadings. Our integrated dock scheduling system supports touch-screen functionality and offers separate access and user roles for scheduling operations. 📅
  8. Third Party-Access: Extend capabilities with supplier-based access and booking features, allowing your suppliers to manage their part of the logistics process directly within Cargoson. 🔑
  9. Tender Consultation & Budget Simulation Tool: Guidance services for organizing freight tenders, offering neutral advice to make strategic carrier selections. Our budget simulation tool allows for accurate budget forecasting by using your actual freight data and managed pricelists within Cargoson. This includes a detailed view of your negotiated rates with carriers, complete with transit times and any additional surcharges, facilitating informed financial planning.🤝💹
  10. Integration Capabilities: If you have your own system, we can integrate it with Cargoson, allowing you to send shipments directly from your ERP or webshop to your preferred carrier. 
  11. ISO Certified: We prioritize quality and security in all our operations. We're proud to be ISO certified, holding the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management and the ISO 27001:2022 certification for information security management. ✅