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Deutsche Post International

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Seamless freight transport integration between Autofutur and Deutsche Post International.

Calculate prices, ETD, ETA, CO2; create shipments, shipping labels, tracking links and branded notifications automatically.


Cargoson lets you send info between Autofutur and Deutsche Post International automatically — no code required.

Using a TMS is the first step to optimizing your transport and logistics. It allows you to save time, money and CO2 emissions by having Deutsche Post International and all your other carriers on one dashboard.

If your company is using Autofutur, you can take it a step further: skip the manual steps and automate the shipping process.

What you can automate


  • Use the sales/purchase orders data in Autofutur to automatically create shipments in Cargoson
  • Display all available shipping options for a given order and let your users choose
  • Get a list of parcel lockers from different carriers
  • Communicate shipping needs between colleagues
  • Hand over the responsibility of comparing and choosing a transport option from third party users or purchase/sales managers to a logistician


  • Calculate the transport price automatically from your price lists and receive it back to your Autofutur software
  • Request spot prices from your carriers
  • Find the estimated lead times for transport or request estimations from carriers
  • Find the estimated transport CO2 emissions for each transport option
  • Compare carriers and different transport options for each shipment in Cargoson, your business software or any other system your company is using
  • Place a transport order to a carrier of your choice, through their preferred channel: directly into their system or by automated mail (see the carriers integrated with Cargoson)
  • Set up predefined rules to automate transport booking and let the software choose the carrier automatically


Shipping label on a pallet - Cargoson
  • Send branded email transport notifications to your customers, colleagues and partners (labels, ETA, modifications, cancellations, licence plate numbers, documents etc)
  • Generate shipping labels, get them in your Autofutur, and send them to relevant parties
  • Generate tracking links and receive them back to Autofutur, and automatically update shipment statuses
  • Get daily reports about delayed shipments in your email inbox
  • Generate transport statistics and reports across all your carriers
  • Compare transport invoices with pre-calculated or pre-agreed amounts

Autofutur TMS integration features

Transportation Price Requests

Transport price requests can be initiated on the following Autofutur base documents:

  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Quotation

Open the document and click on the Cargoson shipping menu.

Fill any missing data and press Price Request, after which different price offers will be displayed (including calculations from your personal price lists).

Transport orders

Transport orders can be sent to your carriers based on different documents in Autofutur (same as for price requests):

  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Quotation

The shipment data is copied from the document, but can be edited.

Packaging labels

After placing a transport order, package labels can be opened directly in your Autofutur ERP.


After placing a transport order, the e-Waybill can be opened and printed directly in Autofutur.


After placing a transport order, the CMR can be opened and printed directly in Autofutur.


The shipment's tracking link will be saved in Autofutur and can be opened by clicking on it.


The shipment's loading contacts will be notified automatically of shipments and provided with information regarding tracking statuses, updated ETAs, delays, truck licence plates, cancellations etc.


The Autofutur + Deutsche Post International integration works with all Cargoson plans starting from Industry.

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from 299€ / mo

For wholesale and manufacturing


from 499€ / mo

For large corporations


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We'll set up a custom solution for you


We offer ongoing integration support and regular updates, ensuring that your Autofutur and Deutsche Post systems are always synced and up-to-date. APIs often undergo changes and updates, and it's our job to ensure that these changes don't disrupt your workflow. This means you can always benefit from the latest features and improvements from both Autofutur and Deutsche Post.

The Deutsche Post and Autofutur integration provides a comprehensive set of capabilities, including Transportation Price Requests, Transport orders, Packaging labels, e-Waybill, CMR, Tracking, Notifications. All of these data exchanges with Deutsche Post are seamlessly integrated directly into your Autofutur system, enhancing the overall functionality and convenience.

The integrations with carriers, just like the Deutsche Post integration, are always developed and maintained in-house by our dedicated Cargoson team; these integrations are our utmost priority. For the connection between Cargoson and ERPs like Autofutur, we typically rely on specialized third-party providers.

This strategy allows us to tap into the deep knowledge and expertise of those who specialize in specific ERP systems. While we are the developers of Cargoson and naturally handle all carrier API integrations in-house, we recognize that we can't be specialists in every ERP platform out there.

In addition, many of these ERP integrations are built in close cooperation with our existing customers. This ensures that they are not only thoroughly tested, but also designed to meet the practical requirements of real businesses in their day-to-day operations. This way, we guarantee robust, reliable, and efficient integrations for you to use.

Absolutely! Cargoson's architecture is built to be carrier-agnostic, meaning that it's capable of integrating with a wide range of carriers, not just Deutsche Post. As long as the carrier has an API we can work with (or EDI, or even just email), you can incorporate their services into your Autofutur system through our platform. Additionally, we're constantly expanding our roster of carrier integrations based on customer demand and market trends, so you'll always have a rich selection of carriers to choose from.

Integrating Autofutur with Deutsche Post using Cargoson is a straightforward process. Simply reach out to us at Our team will walk you through the process, offer a demo if needed, and assist you with the installation of the plugin into Autofutur. We'll also guide you on how to request and input the Deutsche Post API keys into Cargoson.

Rest assured, data security is our top priority at Cargoson. Your Deutsche Post API keys are securely encrypted in the Cargoson database. However, it's important to note that as your data originates from Autofutur and then is sent to Deutsche Post, we are not in full control over how these systems handle your data. Nevertheless, both Autofutur and Deutsche Post are trusted platforms with robust security measures in place.

Absolutely, the Autofutur-Deutsche Post integration supports all types of shipments: domestic, international, import, export, and cross-trade. The specific services depend on your chosen carrier(s), but we facilitate all freight modes: road, air, sea, rail, and all shipping modes: parcels, LTL and FTL freight shipping, and even parcel lockers.

Deutsche Post offers the following services: Packet Priority, Letter, Packet Plus, Letter Plus, Packet Tracked.

Yes, we're open to discussing custom feature requests. Each case is unique, so we encourage you to reach out to us at We might already have a solution for either the Autofutur or the Deutsche Post side that might cover your need. If not, and the feature would be beneficial for other businesses as well, it could potentially be added free of charge. However, for features specific to your business, we can agree on a development cost.

Integrating Deutsche Post directly into Autofutur through Cargoson simplifies your operations significantly. You can now manage transport orders directly inside Autofutur, removing the need to log into various carrier systems including Deutsche Post. Furthermore, it eliminates the necessity to access Cargoson for daily operations, providing a unified and simplified process. While some unique features like analytics or carrier chat may still require logging in to Cargoson, the integration generally minimizes daily tasks, enhances productivity, and reduces potential for errors.

Start using a transport management system with Autofutur

Your time is valuable

If you use other carriers along with Deutsche Post International, we believe that using one system to work with all of them is the most efficient use of your time and resources.

Skip the manual work

Your contacts, orders and shipment data already exists in Autofutur. Stop copying it to different carrier systems or sending it via email.

Instead, make use of it: integrate Autofutur with Cargoson and your data will be exchanged with all of your carriers automatically! This will also avoid human errors.

Pick and choose which carriers you like

The carriers you want to use is your decision, not our business.

Cargoson is not a middleman or a forwarder, but your transportation management software.

Our carrier database is extensive, but you can add missing carriers by simply contacting Cargoson support.

All your carriers connected to Autofutur

  • All your transport bookings could be placed the same way.
  • Simple API: One integration from your Autofutur ERP will cover all your present and future carrier integrations.
  • Requesting a new carrier integration, in case we haven't built it yet, is free for all customers.
  • Track all of your shipments on one dashboard.
  • Adding, removing or switching carriers is quick and easy.

Branded notifications

All transport-related notifications to your partners, customers and coworkers are branded and look the same, regardless of the carrier you're using.

How to start shipping directly from Autofutur

Get a demo to see how you can add the shipping module to Autofutur. Then, select your carriers, upload your prices and other agreements with your carriers, invite your users and start shipping right away. See also: Configuring my carriers, price lists and users in Cargoson.

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