Cargoson is a transport management software (TMS) for businesses (Manufacturers, Retailers, Wholesalers & eCommerce) that enables them to make smarter,  transparent, and environmentally friendly decisions.
Cargoson is not a new carrier or a freight market platform, but an online platform that makes it easy to manage shipments and maintains all existing cooperation agreements with different carriers.

How is this possible?

Cargoson consolidates all freight inquiries into one window and makes it convenient to place transport orders with different carriers. Cargoson has developed electronic integrations with all major carriers and each time the customer places an order through Cargoson, the order is forwarded to the desired carrier. As a result, the customer has a complete overview of their order history with various freight partners.

In case the form of cooperation with transport partners is a fixed price list

Cargoson allows the customer’s personal price lists to be uploaded securely. If a customer has previously agreed on a price list with a transport partner then Cargoson platform allows it to be uploaded securely to the system and subsequently place orders to the carrier based on this price list.

Different price lists can be compared and customer sees the price instantly after entering the shipment information. As a result, the customer is aware of the exact cost of shipping before placing the order. Cargoson does not break the customer-carrier relationship or come between them, instead, it assists parties to technically implement the existing agreement in a cost-optimal and convenient way.

In case the form of cooperation with transport partners is a price request

Companies that regularly need project based or wide scope transportation, often require the transportation cost estimate to be added to the product offer. In these cases, request based ad-hoc price is a form of cooperation with the transport partner. With Cargoson, you can send price requests to selected shipping partners in a single window, announce the cost of transport to your customer, and conveniently place an order when the sale is made. The environment provides a simple and compact way to "being up to speed" with the market price level for a particular direction and quantity, both for the customer's own preferred transport partners and for other market players.

Technical solution behind Cargoson

All major carriers and freight forwarders have their own e-ordering environments. The trend is clearly in the direction of increasingly smaller carriers setting up ordering environments. From the carrier's perspective, this is a very good way to get orders all the time in a standardized way, but it may not always be that convenient for the customer. Especially if the customer has a valid cooperation agreement with several different carriers. In essence, moving back and forth between different environments can be time consuming and error prone. Constant reminding is required to remember what kind of shipment was ordered through which carrier. It must also be taken into account that each software has its requirements, specifics and access credentials that result in a steeper learning curve.

Cargoson's keyword is EDI connection. In the world of logistics, electronic data communication between the customer and the carrier is on the agenda. Classically, this is done by configuring the customer's business software so that after creating each sales order or purchase order, the user can directly generate a shipment order from the carrier to their carrier. The system creates an EDI-supported file in a predetermined format and sends it to the carrier via EDI. In the carrier system, a transport request is generated. Figuratively speaking, it does the same thing as a user creating a sales order in their business software and then logging into an e-ordering environment and manually completing a shipment order. An EDI connection allows you to skip this additional step. This is often the most convenient solution, but it is very carrier-based - each carrier has its own rules for EDI connections, and it is expensive to establish and maintain EDI connections with all of the carriers.

Cargoson has a solution here. Cargoson already has EDI connections with all carriers. The customer does not have to do anything but one EDI connection to Cargoson and from there, the information is transferred to any carrier of the customer’s choice. In this way, the customer is not locked to only one carrier but can choose or change carriers as desired. In other words, one EDI connection to Cargoson will suffice. There is no need to make separate connections to all carrier systems of interest.

The team on Cargoson

“We are coming from the age of communication and we are entering the era of smart tools. Look at your phone. You will likely see their apps like:, AirBnB, Bolt, Uber and bank apps. Cargoson is a smart tool for transport. Whoever your logistics partner, Cargoson allows you to solve your transportation tasks with as little noise as possible.”
Ülari Kalamees, CEO at Cargoson

“As an investor at Cargoson, I am drawn by three main things: a team of experts, motivated by long industry experience, a disruptive idea and the right timing. All three of these components are present in Cargoson. The logistics world has so far been relatively conservative and rather dismissive in terms of innovation. Cargoson approaches from the right angle and the results are already promising.”
Andres Rätsepp, Investor at Cargoson