Piret Teras, the warehouse manager of Trimtex Baltic OÜ, a company engaged in the production and sale of sportswear, reveals how Cargoson has simplified the company's work.

Why did you decide to use Cargoson?
We heard that Cargoson is a compact solution that brings together all carriers, different services and price lists in one place. Previously, we had to make price tables to find a better price and there was quite a lot of manual work. Now everything is automatic and life without Cargoson could no longer be imagined.

Who uses Cargoson and how often?
The main users are the logistics and order handlers who pack and ship orders. We use Cargoson on a daily basis and we are particularly pleased that the solution is available online, which means that it can be conveniently accessed from anywhere. Although Cargoson has not really taken over anyone's work, it saves a lot of time and simplifies our processes. Thanks to automation, I have been able to pay more attention to other important topics in my work.

What are the most important features for you?
The ability to operate and monitor everything from one place. Orders, price comparison, inquiries - all in one place and very fast. There have also been some surprises about carriers, for example, we have started to take better notice of whose service is more economical or whose combination of delivery time and transport price is better, and we have also changed our transport partners a bit. I truly believe that Cargoson helps to make work easier for both larger and smaller companies, and I can recommend them from my own experience - quick communication, always offering different solutions, a good opportunity to save time.

 Answer to your question: Yes, Cargoson is also right for your business