Virve Sidron, the Head of the supply chain of Viru Elektrikaubandus, which deals in wholesale, project sales and delivery of electrical goods, describes how Cargoson helps to simplify their everyday work.

Why did you decide on Cargoson?
At one point, we felt that logistical information was getting more and more over head every day, and sending e-mails back and forth with different carriers became exhausting. We thought there must be an easier solution and found Cargoson. Compared to other similar solutions, Cargoson had one big advantage for us - namely, direct communication with cooperation partners remained, and we can see all the necessary information, including the movement of goods and pricing in the online environment ourselves and do not have to get it from anywhere. In addition, looking to the future, we see an opportunity to connect Cargoson with our financial software. Everything that Cargoson initially promised us has come true, and today we in the delivery department would never imagine that we would have to do all this work by e-mail.

How often and for what do you use Cargoson?
Cargoson is a daily work tool for me and my assistant, which we log into right away in the morning. Creating shipments, taking price requests - all this is now done in one place and through Cargoson. We no longer have to ask anywhere how far the shipment is, we can monitor the information in real time, we don't have to call over or do silly manual work. The range of transport partners has also expanded, and we have also found solutions for more complex transports, e.g. special-sized or bulky goods. The solution also provides significant added value to our customers, as they can easily see information about their shipment - when it was sent, when the goods can be expected to be received. This actually is good brand marketing for Viru Elektrikaubandus, as we can be more professionals in our service also in the eyes of our customers and suppliers.

Who would you recommend Cargoson to?
It is certainly helpful for small companies that monitor the budget, but also for everyone else who wants to simplify work processes and expand options.

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