If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are in the right place. We'll give brief overview for who Cargoson is meant for and share some user feedback.

What is Cargoson?

Cargoson is a neutral freight management software for shippers - B2B.

It eliminates the need to chase your shipments from different carrier portals and e-mails. All transport info, price sheets, price & transit times comparison, carbon emissions calculation, tracking, freight documents, loading calendar, statistics and notifications in one cloud-based smart software (which is accessible from both the web and mobile app).

Plug&play carrier integrations - You can have all your current carriers you like to work with and add more based on your future needs. Insanely easy to use! Cargoson is cloud based: built for shippers and cargo owners to organise daily logistics tasks wherever you are located.

Cargoson is not a marketplace, freight forwarder or a 4PL service provider!

Who should use Cargoson?

Cargoson is for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers and eCommerce companies who are using different logistics providers: global forwarders like DHL, DSV, Schenker, TNT, Fedex, UPS or regional carriers like Emons, DPD, ACE, Itella, Omniva, Venipak or small local carriers with 1-2 trucks or even with their own fleet.

If you are a tiny one-person company working with a single cargo carrier and making a couple of shipments per month, you probably don't need Cargoson.

The magic of Cargoson becomes very apparent, however, for companies that have more than 50 shipments per month and are using more than 3 different carriers to organise their everyday logistics. Yet, as we have seen from our users, there are still plenty of companies with only few shipments per week who are still finding value in using Cargoson due to the easy one-place logistics management which is combined with possibility to make smarter, transparent and environmentally friendly decisions.

One thing to understand about Cargoson is that Cargoson is not a middleman. No forwarding - all your own contracts and invoicing directly with your carriers!
This approach allows shippers to continue their good relationships with their carriers which have taken years to build. Cargoson does not break your relationships, instead it offers a smart & modern solution to manage them more effectively.
Cargoson user feedback
Cargoson user feedback

What to know about carriers?

No matter who your carriers are. Cargoson will set them up to add them to your software account. All carriers will have access to their Cargoson carrier account and Cargoson is free of charge for carriers. 
For those carriers that have their own e-service platform: Cargoson will build an integration. With those carriers who work via e-mail - they will still get the requests and bookings from your Cargoson account to their preferred e-mail.

NB! Cargoson already has integrations with most of the global and regional carriers, so the only thing left to do is to click on the button "Request credentials" and the carrier can insert them.