is Matchmaker of the Packaging World. Logistics Manager Roberts Mazkalnins how they have automated their logistics processes with Cargoson

Why did you decide to use Cargoson?
We had 2 ways, implementing all the APIs with all the carriers on our own or finding a ready solution. Implementing all the integrations on our own would be time-consuming and costly, so we decided to find a ready solution. When we started searching for a solution Cargoson had the best offer in all aspects, prices were super friendly and responsive, customer support was at the top level and implementation was faster than we expected.
How often do you use Cargoson and has it changed the way you interact with your carriers?
We use Cargoson every day. All cargo requests are sent through Cargoson as it helps to organise all the price offers in one place. Price offers can always be found, and they are not lost as it was before when we used e-mail to ask carriers for price offers.
What features are most important to you?
API connections with carriers are the most important feature for us as we have integrated carrier services into our system and delivery prices are shown automatically once a service request comes in. The second feature we use is cargo requests to carriers as this helps to have a good overview of all needed carrier prices in one place. Before we were sending a lot of e-mails to get one cargo price, now we just press a few buttons on Cargoson and we get prices from all needed carriers.
What have been the time and cost savings for you?
In terms of time-saving, we have saved a lot of working hours with Cargoson as small shipment prices with APIs are showing up automatically and cargo prices we get much faster than if we would use regular e-mail requests.

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