Name: Cargoson
Motto: "Old habits are hard to kill, in order to grow it's needed still."
Experience: 50+years in logistics and IT
Salary expectation: starting from 35 €/month

  1. I memorize all the price lists.
  2. I work from home and remotely at the same time.
  3. I calculate and compare with a fraction of a second.
  4. Language skills: EST, ENG, JSON, IFTMIN, FTP, SFTP, SOAP, REST.
  5. I communicate with various ERP systems and e-shops.
  6. I save time and money.
  7. I give a thorough statistical overview of everything I do.
  8. My credibility is secured by my friends Google and Amazon.
  9. Motivated by a workday full of action.

What I do for you:
  • I communicate with your carriers in one window. 350+ carriers (API-s with DPD, DSV, DHL, Schenker, HRX, Sendpack, Ace, Itella, OSC, Venipak, Bentte etc).
  • I memorize and give an overview of all your company's shipments on one desktop.
  • I analyze your price lists and if necessary, I will make a new price request.
  • I forward transport orders to the selected carrier.
  • I print out labels and CMR-s.
  • I give an overview of the shipments' movement (tracking).
  • I notify the parties of any changes in the delivery time and truck number.
  • I remember shipment-based history.
  • I display company freight statistics both on screen and in Excel. 
  • As a good communicator, I easily integrate with your business software and / or e-shop to automate your company's freight management.

My references:

Onninen, Coffee people, Home4You, Cramo, Magnetic MRO, Hekotek, Chemi-Pharm, Data Print, Click & Grow, Éolane, Estiko-Plastar, OBO Bettermann, Equa, Morek IT, Baltic Industrial, Rapala, Varson, Charlot, Energo Veritas, Certex and many more.

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