Trying to figure out the cost and transit time of your shipment? CargoPriceList is an online shipping calculator that helps you quickly and easily calculate freight prices and transit times based on a combination of your personal price lists and the carrier's online prices.

What is Shipping Calculator?

A transport shipping calculator is an online tool that helps calculate the cost of shipping goods from one location to another. These calculators are typically used by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to estimate the cost of shipping their products to customers, suppliers, or other locations.

Transport shipping calculators take into account a variety of factors that can impact the cost of shipping, including the weight and dimensions of the shipment, the distance between the origin and destination, the transportation mode (such as air, land, or sea), and any additional services required (such as customs clearance, insurance, or special handling).
Some transport shipping calculators are offered by shipping carriers themselves, while others are provided by third-party logistics providers (3PLs) or freight management software vendors. These calculators typically require the user to enter some basic information about the shipment, such as the origin and destination, the weight and dimensions of the shipment, and the desired delivery date, in order to generate an estimate of the shipping cost.

Transport shipping calculators can be a valuable tool for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors as they plan and budget for transportation costs, and they can help ensure that shipping costs are accurately estimated and included in the overall cost of goods sold.

Use case

When you just want to know the estimated transport price and transit time from origin to destination.
All those cases where you just need to have a quick freight price estimation for budgeting or making a proposal to your customer. Well, now it's as simple as entering collection/delivery postal codes and the amount of goods, and within one click you'll see the freight prices and estimated transit times of your different carriers in a single window.


How CargoPriceList Shipping Calculator works

CargoPricelist is based on the combination of your personal agreed price lists and the carriers' online prices. When price sheets are uploaded into your Cargoson freight management software account and the CargoPricelist module has been activated, then your uploaded prices and the public online prices of your selected carriers will be calculated and displayed based on the entered information.

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