Nefab is a global packaging company focused on providing complete packaging solutions. Vadim Tarassenko, Nefab's warehouse manager, shares how the Cargoson freight management software has helped to make the company more efficient.

How did you get to Cargoson?

While in the past carriers have agreed to work in a way that suits us and how would be more comfortable for us, over the years there has been more pressure to start using their customer portals. However, this solution is not suitable for us, because we have many different carriers and so we started looking for a way to gather information about carriers in one place. We were looking for a solution that would integrate with our ERP system, even if the ERP system should change. Cargoson has it all. In addition, of course, there's the opportunity to keep all the company's transport transactions in one place.

How has Cargoson been useful to you?
First of all, Cargoson has helped us expand the circle of our transport partners. Before we had to contact or negotiate with potential partners one by one, now everything happens automatically through Cargoson. The last few months have been difficult in the transport world, the conditions of the partners have changed due to the rapid rise in fuel prices, fixed price lists have been replaced by flexible pricing and solutions are added where a monthly (or even a weekly) fuel price is added to the base price. Managing all of this would have become too complex for us, but Cargoson offered to automate it and pull information about the percentages set by carriers into a central system in real time. It has been a great help, the customer support has been very operative and flexible.

Who uses Cargoson and how often?
Logistics managers in our factories place most of the transport orders. In addition, our purchasing department have started using Cargoson to place import orders. I know that in one of our warehouses, the booking of transport orders via Cargoson is also delegated to warehouse workers, because the system is so simple and user-friendly. Additionaly, we can place orders from our Nefab Finland account, as Cargoson allows you to work by logging in with one account, but then change the company you represent.

What have been the time and cost savings for you?
It is estimated that we spend 20-30% less time per day ordering transport, which also means direct cost savings. Cargoson allows all addresses which you deliver to or import goods from to be uploaded to the system, which means that pre-filled forms are available and you do not have to re-enter the addresses each time. Transport partners have also said that they have less manual work and life has become easier.

Who would you recommend Cargoson to?
Certainly, Cargoson benefits both larger and smaller companies. But the smaller ones, which do not have a large daily flow of goods, can find it difficult to find a carrier at the right time, and Cargoson can help them in that regard. The system allows you to ask for a spot price for each shipment and find the most optimal solution.

Answer to your question: Yes, Cargoson is also right for your business