The comparison between a trucking company and a restaurant may seem unexpected, but upon closer inspection, it is strikingly similar. Just as a person needs to eat every day, most companies need to deliver the sold goods to their customers or bring materials from the supplier to replenish their inventory. Both the single market of the European Union and eBay and Amazon have blurred national borders, and almost every company is able to offer its products in another country as well, which makes the transport menu significantly longer.

Why is it difficult to read the transport company's price list?

At first glance, the transportation of goods seems like a very simple service: the task is to pick up the goods from one place and drop them off at another. Just like a simple serving of mashed potatoes.

If you turn to the transport company with this question, questions will start pouring down like a beanstalk:
1) Where is your item?
2) How many units?
3) How hard is it?
4) What are the measurements?
5) How it is packed?
6) Does temperature matter?
7) Isn't this a flammable product?

… and then more:

8) Where to take this item?
9) Who accepts? Phone? E-mail?
10) What day it should be delivered?
11) How to unload, is there a forklift?
12) Is it urgent?

All these questions are essential just to consider the price of freight.

In road transport, there are no specific destinations or stops (e.g. specific airports, ports), but each address is as if a destination in itself. Also, the amount of goods is very variable. All of this adds up to a huge matrix that cannot be managed without special software.

Create an electronic menu for yourself. Bring your Excel spreadsheets and PDFs into a single system.

There are a lot of transport companies, as well as restaurants and cafes. It's hard to compare and choose.

All of them have their own personal handwriting, which is often difficult to read. The volume weight calculation alone (load meter vs. cubic meter) is slightly different and confusing for almost every transport company.

Cargoson TMS software users have discovered the possibility that if you put in a little effort and map out which transport companies you like and which services you need, you can create a unified electronic menu for yourself. In addition to the easy-to-read freight price, delivery times and monthly changes in list fees (e.g. fuel surcharge) are automatically reflected there.

With the help of special software, it is possible to find the best carrier among your friends for each transport order in just a few clicks. It is the same as with software, the calculation does not take time, but the initial data could be detailed and correct.

The Excel tables and PDF price lists of the transport companies should be brought into a single system for themselves and made easy to read for all parties involved.
The creators of Cargoson software have completely new and modern tools for this purpose, which are helpful both for the transport companies themselves and for the transport customers.

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