E-shop as the only successful sales channel

We live in hectic times, where normal business activity has changed radically in a few weeks. The world of commerce has been turned upside down, and today success can only be achieved by those who have the ability to offer their products or services through e-commerce. We can clearly see that consumer behaviour has changed and the consumption of goods and services from e-shops has become more active. This trend has been on the rise in the past, but in the specific context of world trade, this curve has made a real vertical rise and it has become clear that this pattern of consumer behaviour is the new normality of our future.

E-store integration with all international and local carriers

Depending on the platform on which the E-shop has been set up, the choice of delivery methods and carriers also depends on it. Today, the integration of E-shops for parcel and courier carriers is the most common, and it is usually limited to a few parcel carriers. However, if goods are bigger than parcels, there is a need for international transport or it's cost-optimal to choose alternative transport partners, then Cargoson is your freight management software.

Cargoson's software enables easy access to 900+ carriers, including parcel locker's and courier companies. We make integrations from your company's e-shop or business software into Cargoson's software, and from here all transport companies are already interfaced. An easy way to automate your e-shop regardless who is your preferred transport partner.

What Cargoson interface allowed for E-shop:

An easy way to automate your e-shop, whether you have parcels, pallets or full loads, or you need parcel machine, courier, road, air or sea transport solution - all your different transport partners are interfaced through Cargoson.