Silen is one of the world's leading manufacturers of privacy pods and silent booths, whose innovative solutions have already reached 55 countries on 6 continents. Silen's project manager, Sandra Ruul, describes her experience using the Cargoson transport management software.

"Cargoson is an everyday logistics tool you didn't know you needed!"

Cargoson is a tool that helps Silen's market-leading silence reach across the world. In addition to providing a good overview of transportation costs, Cargoson's smart automations help us save time and significantly reduce the amount of email correspondence.
Initially, we were quite sceptical about whether one platform could solve our global logistics tasks and challenges. Having now used Cargoson for over a year, I can confidently say that our scepticism was unfounded. The software's benefits quickly proved themselves. The fact that all logistical communication, from inquiries to freight companies, can now happen in one place is a huge win.

Who in your company currently uses Cargoson and how often?

Currently, mainly 2-3 people who are actively involved in shipping use Cargoson on a daily basis.

What features are most important to you?

For Silen, the biggest advantage is that all logistics-related communication happens on one platform. This creates clarity for ourselves and also allows the entire team to be in the necessary information flow. This is particularly effective during vacations, where relevant information about someone else's order can be quickly accessed by all team members if needed.

How has Cargoson changed communication with your transport partners?

With the help of Cargoson, communication is definitely faster and more efficient. All the information is available under one shipment. Shipping labels also automatically appear in the system and are accessible for printing to all users. Confirming shipments with fixed price lists is also incredibly easy.

How has it saved you time and money?

For Silen, the cost savings come directly from the time saved. The clarity, simplicity, and efficiency of the processes allow us to better plan our work and, therefore, serve our customers better.

Why should you consider using Cargoson?

In addition to the clear benefits mentioned above, another point in favor of Cargoson is the fact that since its implementation, we haven't encountered a single problem with the software. Not only does everything work as it should, but users are constantly presented with new developments that further reduce the headaches associated with logistics. We are very satisfied! 😊

Answer to your question: Yes, Cargoson is also suitable for your company