Simple visual milestone overview of your shipments.

Who was the carrier that I booked the shipment with?
Did my shipping partner received my order?
Has my cargo already been picked up?
Have my goods already reached its destination?
Can I mark the shipment as complete when I have received the invoice from the transport partner?

Answers to these questions are in Cargoson. Log in to your Cargoson account (list of shipments) and the answers are visually in front of your eyes.

Shipment milestone info automatically to your desktop

In case of larger global carriers (DHL, Schenker, DSV, DPD etc.) and local carriers (ACE, Venipak, HRX, OSC etc.), your transport partner and you, as a Cargoson user, do not have to do anything else but place an order from your Cargoson account and the transport status information is already visible on your Cargoson shipment list and will be automatically updated.

Carriers who have their own e-environments and who also offer their customers the possibility to track shipments (Track & Trace) are already integrated with Cargoson, and transport route information is already automatically received on your company's Cargoson shipment list. Relevant information is collected from the carriers' tracking systems and displayed visually both in your company's list of shipments (on the desktop) and in the detailed log base on the shipment.
The statuses are displayed as follows: "Confirmed" ->"Collected"->"Delivered" and the user can mark the last status of the shipment "Completed".

Carriers who have not created their own E-environments and/or who do not offer the possibility to track shipments can now also share additional operational information about the progress of shipments via Cargoson. This information will be displayed instantly on your shipment list.
Your transport partners don't have to worry. The usage of Cargoson software is free of charge for all carriers.

All your transport partners can add and/or change operational information:

  • Collection time (estimated date, time)
  • Delivery time (estimated date, time)
  • Registration plate number (Truck/ Trailer registration number; Sea container number; Flight number, etc.)
  • Attach documents (signed CMR, bill of lading, export declaration, etc.)
  • Shipment milestones:
    • "Confirmed"
    • "Collected"
    • "Delivered"

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